Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Selecting sunglasses is an important decision, and Ray-Ban is a trusted premium brand with quality frames built to last. Combining modern technology and traditional craftsmanship techniques, they produce stylish yet durable sunglasses suitable for any attire or event. At Optical Center, Ray-Ban sunglasses are available at https://www.optical-center.co.uk/sunglasses/marque-sunglasses-ray-ban-6.html or in-store.

This company has long been a staple in fashion and their iconic designs have become beloved worldwide. Their product lineup offers an extensive selection of frames and lens colors so that you can find a pair that complements both your personality and face shape perfectly. Furthermore, there are cases and cleaning kits available so your sunglasses remain in pristine condition.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are constructed using various materials, including acetate, plastic and metal. Acetate is an innovative synthetic polymer made from wood pulp and natural fibers; it's durable yet transparent - more expensive than other options but great for molding into different frames and creating different looks. Nylon frames are another affordable alternative to acetate; nylon lenses also provide UV protection but are less versatile than its predecessor. Nylon has become increasingly popular since then for Ray-Ban frames due to its affordability; nylon lenses also absorb up to 85% of harmful sun rays; their flagship lens offering is known as Classic G-15 lenses which offer UV protection by absorption up to 85% of harmful UV rays from sun exposure while reflecting back.

Ray-Ban sunglasses come in an assortment of colours and seasonal or limited edition varieties; you're sure to find the ideal pair to suit your personal style if needed, and some models even include audio features so you can listen to music or podcasts without taking off your glasses!

Bausch & Lomb first designed Ray-Ban aviator glasses in 1936 as protection for fighter pilots to wear during flight. Their elegant design quickly became a symbol of military power and cool demeanor; and today remains one of Ray-Ban's most beloved and sought-after styles.

Over the years, numerous celebrities have been seen wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses - such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. As a result of these high-profile appearances by these famous individuals wearing these shades, their popularity helped drive demand and maintain its high quality through highly visible advertising campaigns by Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban's popularity has caused its prices to increase, yet their quality and style remain good value for your money. Their premium appeal justifies their premium price; additionally they have a loyal customer base which keeps them in business. They invest heavily in marketing and advertising to create strong brand recognition as well as increasing demand for their products.

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